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The flea market has opened and the chicks have arrived at the farm stores…spring has come to Connecticut and decided that it is here to stay!

This is one of the three quilts I bought on opening day of our local flea market.  I didn't need any more quilts to restore, but I couldn't resist. They needed me!

This is one of the three quilts I bought on opening day of our local flea market. I didn’t need any more quilts to restore, but I couldn’t resist. They needed me!

autograph quilt www.paulawalton.com

IMautograph quilt www.paulawalton.com

autograph quilt www.paulawalton.com

Chicks! www.paulawalton.com

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chicks www.paulawalton.com






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Does it bode well or ill if instead of seeing a groundhog on Groundhog’s Day, you see a possum?  Does it change the weather prognostication if you see the possum after dark, so there is no shadow involved? Was the possum just filling in for an over worked groundhog with scheduling problems???

None of our resident family of groundhogs bothered to stir themselves from their barrow inside of our tobacco barn, but the littlest of the possum brood that also makes its home in our barns, did wander out tonight through all of the mountains of snow for a cat food dinner.   We religiously keep food and water outside our back door for the feral cats that roam our property.

I suppose that it would be too much to hope that our groundhogs have all decided to relocate to Florida!  In case you can’t tell, I am not a groundhog fan, even when they are going by their woodchuck alias.  During gardening season I hate the woodchuck/groundhogs more than deer and that’s saying something.

Should anyone need them, I do have a small collection of woodchuck recipes that I would be happy to share. 🙂

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